Palesa Litlhakanyane

Age: 38     Languages: English, Sesotho     Height: 1,5     Shoes: 3     Waist and Shirt: 30 and Medium


  • Telkom -Lead teacher
  • Vodacom -Featured hairdresser
  • Motor X Tender -Lead mom
  • McDonald’s- Lead store manager
  • Buy Smart Enterprise- Lead mom
  • Govt- Lead mom
  • Liberty Stills- Lead wife
  • Camphor- Lead mom
  • Knorr -Featured mom
  • Spekko Rice -Featured mom
  • Tetmosol -Lead teacher


  • Generations -Featured Beauty Editor of Gloss Magazine
  • Intersexions -Featured girlfriend of Shorty


  • Umbuzo Ka Themba -Featured doctor

Category: Females/ Female/ woman/ women    Black/ African/English/ Sesotho