Kayise Ngqula

Age: 32     Languages: English, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu, Setswana    Shoes: 4    Waist and Shirt: 36 and large


It’s Complicated          -Support Role

Mina Nawe S1             -Support Lead

iLifa                             -Support Lead

Ring of Lies                 -Support Role

Housekeepers             -Support Role(Beauty)

House of Zwide           – Support role ( Gugu)


ShowMax                     -Bus Passenger 2016

Disprin                         -Taxi Queen

P.O.W.A                       -Call Centre Agent 2017

MTN Summer Slash  -Girlfriend 2017


My Perfect Wedding Season 7&8

Category: females/ female/ Woman/ sesotho/ xhosa/ zulu/ english    Black/ African